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SUCCESS! Maplewood Mall Submissions and Whatnot... actual Whatnot

Happy Hump Day everyone! I want to start out immediately by thanking everyone at the Maplewood, MN show. That show is always one of our favorites. We had another very successful show. Moved some product in and out, and met tons of awesome people! At this event we were taking in submissions for PSA/CSG, That was a wild success. We evaluated a lot of cards for people and have quite the stack all prepped and ready to go to both company's. At this moment we are just filling out the submission forms to get the cards entered, after this they will be mailed out. From there you will get a text notice (if you sent PSA) to sign up for a link that I provide to you. If you sent CSG, you will get a link to a spreadsheet showing you the progress of your submission. To the gentlemen that sold us some UFC blasters. Thank the card gods you did! WE HIT A BANGER! Which leads me to our next topic. Whatnot which is an app/website that so many people are using for purchasing cards/mem/sneakers etc. has approved me to be a breaker there. We went live on Tuesday at 10am. We did about 3-4 hours of solid ripping, moving 40 repacks and a few retail boxes. What an incredible debut! I cannot thank everyone that supported enough. It was awesome! While ripping for a customer we stumbled on this massive Khamzat Chimaev. Thank you to the previously mentioned salesman that approached me at the Maplewood Show! Future sessions can all be seen here, Make sure to follow us so you know when we are going live each week. If you sign up and buy into something we can both make $10 in referral money.

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