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Taken and edited from Submission Services (who we go through for PSA submissions).

PSA Regular service has been re-opened. PSA is still catching up on their backlog of around 4.5 million cards and they want to ensure they are never in the same situation again, PSA has instituted a new lottery system for members to submit cards. If you normally submit direct thru PSA, you must now win the lottery, you are limited to 5 cards maximum per day.

Going through the bulk submitter who is a Platinum account of PSA they/we do not have a 5 card per day limitation, nor do we have a lottery, and instead we are limited to 300 cards per week for the initial roll-out of Regular. All cards for this week and next week are accounted for already, so please get your cards in as soon as possible, so you don't get pushed too far back on the waitlist. As we receive your cards, you will be notified on where you stand in-line. Info will also be published on and within the Facebook group.

Our price per card will be $105 + Return Shipping/Insurance (this is above public pricing but you are also getting all the hands free services that I offer, reviews excluded.)

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