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Updated: Jun 6, 2022


What does being preferred mean to all of you? 1. First off, it means better pricing than the public. 2. Our valuation thresholds are higher than others meaning less upcharges 3. We have an advocate for us. GemMint has direct contact with PSA support. 4. Our submissions have quicker turn arounds than the public as they go down a "preferred" pathway opposed to the public. 5. The most impactful benefit in my eyes is the portal. The transparency and communication it provides is second to none and not duplicated anywhere. 6. We skip the lottery system that is currently in place. If wanting your cards reviewed by our team with photos of flaws sent to you prior to submitting, it is $2 per card that is sent to PSA and $1.00 for those that aren't sent which is additional to the prices below.

***STOP READ CAREFULLY*** -Insurance from PSA/GemMint to me is mandatory on all orders and is added to your total. -Maximum value is based on after graded value. -Actual shipping from me to you will be charged to you, this Insurance is optional and comes out of your pocket. This option will be presented to you at time of payment. PSA SERVICES:

VALUE (this used to be 45 day)- $32.00 BRAND NEW!!! -Previously known as 45 Day -PSA allows up to $499 value. ECONOMY SERVICE (this used to be 20 day)- $52.00 -Public is limited to 5 cards per order -We are limited to 200 cards per order -Max Value is $999 - but GemMint will cover all upcharges up to $1299 REGULAR SERVICE (Previously known as 10 day)- $105.00 -PSA allows up to $1499 value - but GemMint will cover all upcharges for any item worth up to $1800 EXPRESS SERVICE - $180 (GemMint covering Insurance) -PSA allows up to $2499 value - but GemMint will cover all upcharges for any item worth up to $3000 SUPER EXPRESS SERVICE - $350 (GemMint covering Insurance) -PSA allows up to $4999 value - but we will cover all upcharges for any item worth up to $5800 ALL CROSSOVERS - Gone -PSA is no longer offering crossovers - they may bring them back in the future. IP AUTOS - Gone


1. Gather all your cards together and mail them to a member (contact Dan for where to send them) of our team in top loaders (each one must be top loaded in a CLEAN top loader). Make sure your name is written out inside the package.

2. We review and inspect your cards (if this option isn't chose, go straight to step 3) and let you know which I would and wouldn't send which we discuss and you have final say. All cards get wiped by us and Gem Mint. This is $2 per card. (additional to PSA Fees and is due upfront before cards get sent)

3. I fill out all paper work and send to Gem Mint Cards under my name but share the progress with you via the portal and they do the rest of the work.

4. Once the cards arrive at PSA you will get a message from me letting you know to register for or if you already are then you will get text letting you know they have arrived. This system is unique. No other group is using a portal like GemMint. You know in real time each step your cards take, often before even I do. It really is fantastic.

5. Once the grades are ready to view, I will bill you accordingly, you pay me, I pay Gem Mint, once I pay GemMint the grades will appear in the portal. Gem Mint ships to me, and I ship to you. Refer to shipping and insurance above. Please watch your updates and be ready to pay. If you delay for more than 5 days you may be subject to a fee (this is because I am also getting a fee or forced to pay out of pocket for your order.)


The top loaders should not have ANY stickers or tape on them at all and should be a nice clean top loader.

Think about trying to review 400 cards and they all have tape on them or stickers that I have to take off before reviewing.

Failure to comply will result in a .25 fee per card, this reimburses for lost time and supplies.

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