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Updated: Mar 29, 2022


If wanting your cards reviewed by our team with photos of the flaws sent to you prior to submitting, it is $1.75 per card that is sent to CSG and $1.00 for those that aren't sent which is additional to the prices below. If you are submitting without review they will still be $1.00 per card up front additional to the prices below. Review is highly recommended, I am sure many can vouch for this process.

Insurance from CSG to me is mandatory on all orders and is added to your final total.

Actual shipping and insurance from me to you will be charged to you, this insurance is optional and comes out of your pocket. This option will be presented to you at time of payment due.


-At this current time we are not accepting gaming cards. This is only for Sports cards. I have not dove into sending gaming to them yet.

-All values below are after grading values.

-CSG does not accept cards thicker than 7.25mm thick, thick cards may result in a turnaround delay.

-All Service turnaround times, fees, policies etc can be found on the site, some services found on the site are not supported by Treasure Hunter Sports Cards due to complexity of keeping them organized or other reasons.

CSG SERVICES: RESLAB $6.00 -With CSG's new label and grading system, CSG is allowing for reslabbing of all cards for a fee. - Gem Mint 9.5's will become Gem Mint 10 - Pristine 10 will become Gem Mint 10 - All cards with Sub Grades will lose Sub grades. BULK $12.00 -CSG Requires a 50 card minimum, seeing as we are a bulk subber, I dont see this being an issue as myself or others will have our cards combined to make this work. -CSG allows up to $250 value.

ECONOMY $20.00 -CSG allows up to $500 value.

STANDARD $30.00 -CSG allows up to $1000 value.

EXPRESS $60.00 -CSG allows up to $10,000 value.

WALK THROUGH $125 -CSG allows up to $50,000 value.

UNLIMITED WALKTHROUGH $125+ 1% of Final Value -CSG allows up to unlimited value. In some cases this choice is more value than Walk Through, please check turnaround times before deciding.

CSG ADD ON SERVICES: All add on services outlined below are additional cost to the services cost outlined above.

AUTOGRAPH $2.00 -CSG will certify cards with manufacturer’s certified (“pack pulled”) autographs. Cards with other autographs are not currently eligible for CSG certification. PREMIUM HI-RES IMAGING $5.00 -Select this service for premium high-resolution images of the front and back of the card, shown encapsulated in its CSG holder. Images will be delivered via email or social media. NEXT STEPS:

1. Gather all your cards together and mail them to a member (contact Dan for where to send them) of our team in top loaders (each one must be top loaded in a CLEAN top loader). Make sure your name and contact info is written out inside the package.

2. We review and inspect your cards (if this option isn't chose, go straight to step 3) and let you know which I would and wouldn't send which we discuss and you have final say. This is 1.75$ per card. (additional to CSG Fees and is due upfront before cards get sent)

3. I fill out all paper work and send to CSG under my name but share the progress with you via portal/spreadsheet and they do the rest of the work.

4. Once the grades are ready to view, I will bill you accordingly, you pay me, I pay CSG, once I pay CSG the grades will be available for you to view. CSG ships to me, and I ship to you. Refer to shipping and insurance fees outlined above for cost. Please watch for updates and be ready to pay. If you delay for more than 5 days you may be subject to a fee.


The top loaders should not have ANY stickers or tape on them at all and should be a nice clean top loader.

Think about trying to review 400 cards and they all have tape on them or stickers that I have to take off before reviewing.

Failure to comply will result in a .25 fee per card, this reimburses for lost time and supplies.

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